I can't remember where I got my first camera. I do know it was an Ansco box camera that was very difficult to load with film. Many rolls were ruined by accidently opening the back. When I was 11 years old I was living in Guam and my Dad handed me an Olympus Pen FT half frame camera. I went outside and started taking pictures of everything in sight. When I found out that I had to pay for my own film processing, I started to take more time in composing my shots. I was hooked. I built my first darkroom at the age of 13 and started making 8 x 10 black and white prints for $1.00 each. I shot for my high school yearbook and the local county newspaper. I spent my early summers shooting for a local real estate company and had the opportunity to take some "undercover" pictures of John Lennon in the summer of 1979. Now I was really hooked. I went to Arizona State University and studied Photojournalism. At ASU I was lucky enough to get a spot on the daily campus newspaper. I worked my way through school at a local photography shop selling the hot new Canon AE-1. I sold a lot of those. It afforded me to buy a lot of Tri-X film and start to build a portfolio. After school I worked as a stringer for UPI and The Associated Press. It was a tough gig and the bills weren't getting paid. I went with my backup plan and started working in the graphic design and printing business. Over the years I kept up with photography. Many pictures of my 4 children and their friends. Finally deciding after all these years to pursue it again. I hope you enjoy my site. I enjoy shooting and teaching. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Thanks, Chris